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Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Couple travels are lifetime experiences, so it should be remarkable and full-filled by the luxury of a five-star hotel-life. This is why we are compiling these top-notch destinations for you. Of course, they are scaled on affordability and hospitality.



Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Average return trip cost from Abuja: N315, 000.00 per person

Location: Southern Europe, Mediterranean Climate

Visa Requirements: Requires tourist Visa

With its iconic blue-domed churches, whitewashed villages, and dramatic coastline, a honeymoon in Santorini is an obvious choice for couples looking to pair luxurious romance with a touch of adventure.

Though Santorini is small, it’s also packed with exciting things to do and opportunities to invest in the kinds of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that a honeymoon often justifies.

Planning a Santorini honeymoon? We definitely will give you a guide to make the planning process incredibly simple for you and your spouse.

What to do in Santorini among a host of other activities

  • Take a romantic catamaran cruise.
  • Go wine-tasting.
  • Learn a new skill with a Greek cooking class.
  • Stay in a once-in-a-lifetime kind of hotel.
  • Ditch the crowds and take a private tour of Santorini.
  • Have dinner with a caldera view.
  • Check out one of the best bookstores in the world at Atlantis Books.
  • Relax in an Old Port.


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Just as it inspired a famous movie, Morocco’s main port excites visitors with its history, beaches, nightlife and very large mosque.

The city of Casablanca is Morocco’s cultural, commercial and financial center, a very Westernized city. Notice the casual dress and large numbers of men and women socializing in restaurants, bars and on the beach. With grand architecture, long stretches of coastline and large parks, you’ll find many places to explore.

Average return trip cost from Abuja

N307, 000.00 (Egypt Air)

N210, 000.00(Turkish Airlines)

N390,000.00 (Air Maroc from Lagos)

Location: North Africa

Visa Required


  • Glimpse old Casablanca by wandering the alleys of the Old Medina.
  • Shop in the souk to see stalls laden with vegetables, leather goods, traditional handicrafts, silks and spices.
  • Enjoy varied street foods including coconut cookies, shrimp rolls and freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • On a headland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is the Grand Mosque Hassan II, one of the world’s largest mosques. Take a guided tour of the 22-acre (9-hectare) complex to see the vast prayer hall, fountains and elaborate architecture. Non-Muslims are allowed to enter.
  • Alongside the mosque is the long strip of public beaches and private beach clubs making up the Corniche.
  • At night the area’s clubs and discos draw a large, youthful crowd.
  • Fly into Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport and get around by train, bus, and taxi or rental car. Casablanca is about 150 miles (241 kilometers) from Marrakesh and about 180 miles (290 kilometers) from Fez. Close to the city are numerous traditional villages.
  • Also for a comprehensive experience, consider at least one full-day tour throughout the city and beyond, such as the Full day Casablanca-Rabat Tour with a personal driver as your guide.


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Average return trip cost from Abuja: N400,000.00 – N600,000.00

Location: South East Asia

Visa Requirements: Requires Tourist Visa

The ‘Vegas of the East’ is a much sought after country. Thailand comes as a perfect package for honeymoon, catering to all of your fantasies – gorgeous landscapes, blissful beaches, extravagant resorts right on the beach, splendid places to bring out the adventurer in you, scrumptious food for your taste buds, mind-blowing fun through all night rocking parties – You name it and you get it!

That’s Thailand – an all-in-one enticing package which is quite affordable and really easy on your pocket.


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Mallorca is a tiny island in the Mediterranean that is just a 45 minutes flight from Barcelona, Spain. I love the idea of combining both Mallorca and Barcelona for your honeymoon – start in Mallorca where you can really relax after the craziness of the wedding, then add a few days in Barcelona for more culture and amazing food- perfect combo.

Stand outs: Private cottage, beach, splendor

Average return trip cost from Abuja : N290,000 – N350,000.00 per person

Location: Spain, Mediterranean Island.

Visa Requirements: Requires tourist Visa

If you are looking for a gorgeous spot to totally relax, Mallorca is for you. Everywhere you look is pure beauty and that pool, I mean, right?!! Take me back stat!!

If you are looking for activities, the hotel offers art classes, cooking classes, a donkey tour through the olive groves, Vespa excursions, beaches, and of course plenty of gorgeous spots to hike! Or just exploring the small towns (lots of hills!) so that is a workout on its own


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Going on a romantic holiday in Namibia means you can experience getting-away-from-it-all isolation in remote campsites where you and your partner are the only people around for miles or you can relax in five-star luxury in stylish, intimate lodges with rooms on the edge of sand dunes and waterholes or built into the branches of trees. Watching the sun set together over the desert from your private deck or sipping coffee in bed while zebras have a morning drink a few meters away from you are the kind of romantic moments that you can expect from Namibia.

There are luxury lodges that offer romance by the bucket load, with exclusive honeymoon cottages set apart from the main camp for maximum privacy, and special touches such as private picnics or dinners by candlelight.

What to take out: “privacy” and wildlife

Average return trip cost from Lagos:  N299,500.00-320,000.00 per person.

Location: Southern Africa, bordering South Africa to the west

Visa Requirements: Requires tourist Visa

From the capital of Windhoek to the pristine Ongava Private Game Reserve, this Namibian adventure has all the elements of an unforgettable safari into the untamed wilderness…

Namibia is an ideal destination for travellers seeking an unforgettable African experience in a uniquely beautiful untamed wilderness…


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

 Average return trip cost from Lagos: 281,000 per person (South African Airways)

Location: Southern Africa, bordering South Africa to the North

Visa Requirements: Visa on Arrival

For a stunningly romantic Africa honeymoon, Botswana will spoil you for choice with so many top-notch safari camps. At the exclusive and opulent camps, you can expect luxurious suites, private pools, dinners by candlelight, moonlit baths and sleeping under the stars. With plentiful game, natural beauty and amazing camps, a Botswana honeymoon promises to be very special!

Botswana boasts some of Africa’s best game viewing, and many of the camps listed below are within the wildlife rich area of the Okavango Delta. The best time for game viewing here is from the end of June to October, but a honeymoon in Botswana promises romance and luxury at any time of year.


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean. The island is the perfect destination for honeymoon and a romantic vacation. There are many activities for newlyweds to enjoy in Mauritius. Relax on the beach, swim and sunbath, enjoy the cozy atmosphere around the beach, get pampered with luxury accommodation and great cuisine.

  • Bathe In Chamarel Waterfall. …
  • Spend A Day At The Coloured Earth Of Chamarel. …
  • Grand Bassin Lake.
  • Walk Around the Capital City. …
  • Go Horse-Riding With Your Partner. …
  • Take Up Kayaking. …
  • Swim With the Dolphins.
  • Go Sega Dancing With Your Spouse
  • Go on a Romantic Drive

Mauritius has been popularized as one of the prime honeymoon destinations for over the years now, and the landscapes never seem to prove otherwise.

With tons of packages we have listed out the top things you could do at your honeymoon in Mauritius with the love of your life!

Average return trip cost from Abuja: N600,000.00 (Emirates) per person

Average Return Trip Cost from Lagos: 280,000.00 (South African) per person

Location: Indian Ocean Island

Visa Requirements: Visa On arrival


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Based on our years of experience and the feed backs we collected from our travelers specially the honeymooners, we have selected Sharm El Sheikh including one day trip to Cairo only for your honeymoon experience.

Things to do

  • Kayak boat excursion.
  • Beach horse riding (sunset)
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Pirate boat snorkeling trip – Tiran Island
  • Quad biking.
  • Crocodile and snake show
  • Sharm desert horse riding
  • Dolphin Show in Sharm el Sheik
  • Cairo tour from Sharm el Sheik

Average return trip cost:

N220,000.00 (Turkish Airlines) per person

N250,000.00 (Egypt Air)

Location: North Africa.

Visa Requirements: Tourist Visa


Top 8 Romantic Destinations for Nigerian Couples in 2020

Ever considered Cape Verde for a honeymoon?

Cape Verde can certainly be described as a romantic destination. With its endless sand dune beaches and laid-back atmosphere, you won’t struggle to find a lovely hotel with an intimate atmosphere, ideal for just the two of you. If you’re looking to explore some honeymoon ideas including all-inclusive honeymoon packages and beautiful beach escapes, you’ve come to the right place. Prepare to be inspired.


  • You can interact with the locals and buy some fruit from the colourful fruit and vegetable market in Assomada and snorkel at Tarrafal’s pretty cove, with its white sandy beach, on Santiago.
  • Experience an exhilarating jeep ride on São Vicente during the day and relax with a glass of wine whilst listening to live music in one of Mindelo’s bars.
  • Then walk from Cova de Paul on Santo Antão, surrounded by cathedral-like cliff walls, down a cobbled path into the amazing green Paul Valley, with little villages scattered about.
  • Enjoy a relaxing day with delicious food at the remote Kasa d’Igreja, before your head back to Sal for a three-night stay at the elegant Morabeza.