Our Services

Visa Procurement Assistance
We offer our client visa assistance and visa procurement in any embassy in Nigeria. We take the hassles off documentations and ensure smooth visa experience to any part of the world.

Airline Tickets Reservation
We offer discounted ticket prices as a result of our affiliations with various travel airlines all over the world.

Travel Insurance
We provide insurance cover to take care of unforeseen circumstances that may occur during an international trip to any part of the world. The Travel Insurance affects health and losses during the duration of the trip.

Hotel / Accommodation Reservation
We help in taking off the burden of looking for opportunities to book cheaper hotel prices with international bigger accommodation package.

Travel Logistics Service Provider Affiliate Programe
We serve as a Service Provider to smaller Travel Agencies.

Oversea Admissions
One stoppage point for any African in need of Quality education Anywhere in the world. Our educational company has been fully registered and was established to meet the demands of students in need of quality education Abroad.

Charter Services
Private Jet  | Aircraft Charter  | Cruise Charter  | Luxury Buses / Luxury Cars | Airport Taxis | Yatch Services 

Tourism,Vacation/Holiday Packages
We help plan your vacation or holiday packages to any destination of your choice making vacation not just a luxury but within your budget.

We offer parastatals, agencies opportunity to take their staff on training in any part of the world. We also scout for various training or educational opportunities in various fields around the world.

Carnival Support Services
We offer logistics support to tourists during carnivals.

We are committed to your success.

We believe our client deserves the best, so we go extra mile with our culture of excellence.