List of Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship

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An Outline of Nations That Allow Dual Citizenship (And Those That Do Not)

Getting a hold of an additional nationality or citizenship is a pace towards extra room and more freedom.
Dual citizenship will provide you more control and independence, whether that means added freedom
to fly to more countries, to live in other jurisdictions or the freedom to choose the lifestyle that you wish.

  • What is Dual Citizenship?
  • Countries that allow Dual Citizenship
  • Countries that don’t allow Dual Citizenship
  • The Gains and advantages of Dual Citizenship
  • Citizenship by Investment Programs
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What is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship refers to a person who is legally documented and recognized as a citizen in two
countries at the same time.
To take this key step, you need to know a few things, such as, which countries allow dual citizenship and
those that do not. Relinquishing your original passport is not the ideal scenario; however, trading one
passport for another is not necessarily a bad thing, which is why it is so important to know closely all the
information before making your decision.
While the list is growing, there still are countries which strictly forbid acquiring a second passport.
However, in recent years several countries have adopted a more promising attitude towards allowing
their citizens to hold Dual Citizenship, either through recognizing Dual/Multiple Citizenship or amending
their requirements for naturalization.

Countries that allow Dual Citizenship

(*countries that allow dual citizenship under select conditions only)

Albania Benin  Egypt  Kosovo  Peru  Switzerland Algeria Bolivia Finland Latvia Philippines Syria
Angola Brazil France Luxembourg Portugal Turkey Antigua & Barbuda Bulgaria* Germany* Malawi Romania
Argentina Canada Greece Malta Russia Vanuatu Armenia Chile Hungary Mexico Serbia Montenegro
Australia Costa Rica Iceland New Zealand Slovenia Dominica Barbados Croatia* Ireland Nigeria South Africa Grenada Bangladesh Cyprus Israel Norway South Korea* St. Lucia Belgium Czech Italy Pakistan Spain St. Lucia Belize Denmark Jamaica Panama* Sweden St. Kitts

Countries that don’t allow Dual Citizenship

Afghanistan El Salvador Lithuania Singapore Andorra Estonia Malaysia Slovakia* Austria Georgia Montenegro Tanzania Azerbaijan India Netherlands* Thailand Bahrain Indonesia Nepal Ukraine
China Japan Poland United Arab Emirates Djibouti Kazakhstan Saudi Arabia Venezuela

So now that you know which countries allow dual citizenship let’s explore the many benefits that come
with acquiring a second passport.

The Benefits of Dual Citizenship

#1 Global Mobility

Some passports do not allow you the luxury of travelling to any destination and can
be quite restrictive. This makes travelling a complex matter as travel visas would need to be obtained. A
second passport can offer a solution to that problem by increasing one’s mobility, removing the
bureaucracy from the equation.

#2 Business

Acquiring second citizenship opens the doors to a plethora of business opportunities, and
conclude business deals, that were otherwise unavailable or hard to come by based on the original

#3 Tax Optimization

Certain jurisdictions provide advantageous tax legislation which may prove to be
very beneficial to you and your business. Whether this includes double tax treaties or capital gains,
optimizing your taxes will allow you to manage your wealth better.

#4 Security

Obtaining a second passport from a stable country puts your mind at rest. In the event of
any social, political or economic instability in one’s own country, you maintain a plan B.

#5 Quality of Life

Depending on which passport you acquire, you may be granted access to world-class
education and health-care, as well as an overall enhanced lifestyle. By attaining Dual Citizenship status, high net worth families have the means to unlock their full potential
by accessing better opportunities in another country. This means securing your families future, through
education, health-care or simply a better lifestyle.

Now, you might be asking yourself,

What is Citizenship by Investment Programs?

Numerous countries offer such opportunities to attract High Net Worth individuals and foreign direct
Depending on your budget and your reasons for seeking a plan B, they are available around the world,
including the Caribbean, Europe and Oceania. By opting for such programs, the benefactors are granted
the same rights as the residents and citizens of that country.
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